Leiza Alpass MSc DC

Leiza Alpass, MSc DC, Chiropractor, Bristol, provides a thorough consultation and examination to diagnose your condition and the cause of any pain or problems you are experiencing or concerned about. Leiza explains the findings and the diagnosis and the likely causes for the problem developing. The treatment plan recommended for you and your particular condition will then be discussed.

Biography for Leiza Alpass MSc DC

Leiza qualified as a Chiropractor from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in 2002 with a first-class honours degree and Masters in Chiropractic.  Before training as a chiropractor, Leiza captained the Great Britain Softball Team at the Olympic Qualifiers in Turin Italy for the Sydney Olympics.    In 2012, Leiza completed a life times ambition to run the London Marathon and finished in a respectable 4 hours and 33 minutes.  Now her sporting endeavours include snow skiing, running half marathons (one full one was enough), 10k runs, tennis and yoga.  She has recently taken up pilot gig rowing and took part in the Isles of Scilly World Pilot Gig Championships in 2017.

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Leiza Alpass was published in Clinical Chiropractic in 2004:-  Chiropractic Management of ‘intractable chronic whiplash syndrome’ Clinical Chiropractic (2004) 7, 16-23

BCAlogoLeiza is registered with the British Chiropractic Association, General Chiropractic Council
and College of Chiropractors.

How does chiropractic treatment work?

Chiropractors use their hands to restore normal movement to restricted joints of the spine and throughout the body. Incorrect joint movement creates strain on your joints resulting in injury to the bone, cartilage, muscle, ligaments and nerves.

By restoring the normal movement of the joints, this removes the strain on the muscles and ligaments, can reduce wear on the bone and cartilage and relieves pressure on the nervous system and help to relieve symptoms such as ‘trapped’ nerves. The irritation to the nerves not only cause pain, but because the nervous system keeps all the body’s organs and systems working well. This can affect your overall health and well-being.

Your Road To RecoveryRegular check-up appointments help to keep your joints moving well and can therefore help to reduce the risk of early wear and tear associated with arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

To book your appointment, call 0117 244 3344 to arrange a time to suit you at the Treatment Room in the Pavilion at the Clifton College Sports and Leisure Ground.  Leiza can also be reached directly on 07973 466805 or email leizaalpass@me.com.

Where is the clinic?

The Clinic address is The Treatment Room in The Pavilion, Clifton College Sports & Leisure Ground, Abbots Leigh Road (A369), Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QD.  To book your appointment call 0117 244 3344.

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Many conditions benefit from chiropractic treatment including:-
Lower back pain with or without leg symptoms ‘sciatica
Neck pain with or without arm pain
Injuries eg rotator cuff injury of the shoulder & tendonitis e.g. or ‘golfer’s’ or ‘tennis’ elbow
Joint pain caused by ligament & cartilage damage of the knee
Pain from arthritic changes such as hip joint pain or bursitis
Traumatic onset injuries such as an ankle sprain or neck pain following an accident.
Repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist
Headaches related to muscle tension, neck conditions or migraine
Jaw pain known as TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint pain
Pelvic pain and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

How many sessions will I need?
Most people with simple, mechanical pain such as low back pain find that within 4 to 6 sessions, they will experience good positive improvements with their condition.  Other conditions vary depending on the length of time the problem has been there and the cause of the condition.  You will be advised of the likely number of sessions for your condition on your consultation.

What will the treatment involve?
Your treatment plan will include both ‘hands-on’ care followed up with specific stretches, advice and an exercise routines to help you make a full and long-lasting recovery.

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